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industrial inkjet solution

n-art-m offers hardware, software and extensive knowledge to enable customers to build their unique digital print system. Our modular inkjet technology and software solutions can be assembled in different ways to fit the requirements of individual industrial applications. The goal is to supply standardized components that make the set-up, use and maintenance of a digital print system easy to understand and feasible for everyone.

In our twelve years of inkjet experience, we have worked with various analogue printing machine builders and r&d departments to develop solutions for unique digital printing applications. All the lessons we have learned and the common ground we have found are now part of our new generation of inkjet technology. We are excited to share the results of our progress soon on our website and during a launch Webinar. We will share the launch date of our website and the date for our webinar soon. If you are interested to join our webinar, please contact us via


During the Covid-19 pandemic we are still available during our regular business hours. All our staff can be reached under their desk number and are ready to help with questions and inquires. Since we have always had a strong focus on the possibility to support our hardware and software remotely, our customers do not have to experience any disadvantages in these unusual times – the first remote commissionings were a full success. We wish everyone good health and hope you stay safe.

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