Print Process Development &
Digital Printing Technology

n-art-m is an integration company for industrial digital print systems. We are your point of contact for technology questions and questions regarding the development of new print processes. Starting from the selection of consumables and print heads up to the integration of an operation-ready print system into an existing plant: n-art-m offers a comprehensive carefree package for industrial digital printing.

Since 2008, we have concerned ourselves exclusively and intensively with the conceptual design and construction of modular inkjet systems. Thanks to our experience and our continuously growing network of partners from different areas, such as Heraeus and ColorGATE, we are well prepared to meet a variety of different requirements. We can offer sophisticated and reliable solutions and simplify the often long-lasting development process of a mature inkjet process.


  • Relyable Digital Printing Technology
  • Holistic Print Process Development
  • Modular Design
  • Highest Print-Quality
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Non-Contact Printing
  • Easy Integration

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