Printbar SE

Expand your possibilities

The Printbar expands the printing process of your analogue printing machine by digital printing with white, black, spot colors or varnish. 360 dpi and robust.


  • No specialised professional knowledge required
  • Easy to integrate
  • Easy to use
  • Non-contact printing
  • Maximum machine availability
  • No alignment of single print heads neccessary


Print performance
Print heads Seiko RC1536
Resolution in x, dpi 360
Amount of Colors 1
Greyscales, max 5
Droplet size, in pl 13–70
Printing speed, 360 × 360 dpi with 27 pl dropplets, max in m/min 120
Printing speed, 360 × 360 dpi with 40 pl dropplets, max in m/min 90
Printing speed, 360 × 360 dpi with 55 pl dropplets, max in m/min 74
Printing speed, 360 × 360 dpi with 70 pl dropplets, max in m/min 60
Print width S M L
in mm 100 600 1200
Ink supply
Type of ink UV, oil
Heating Tank
Type of Ink supply Circulating through print head
Filter Integrated
Degassing Integrated

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About n-art-m

n-art-m is an integration company for industrial digital print systems. We are your point of contact for technology questions and questions regarding the development of new print processes. Starting from the selection of consumables and print heads up to the integration of an operation-ready print system into an existing plant: n-art-m offers a comprehensive carefree package for industrial digital printing.

Since 2008, we have concerned ourselves exclusively and intensively with the conceptual design and construction of modular inkjet systems. Thanks to our experience and our continuously growing network of partners from different areas, such as Heraeus and ColorGATE, we are well prepared to meet a variety of different requirements. We can offer sophisticated and reliable solutions and simplify the often long-lasting development process of a mature inkjet process.

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