• Reference prints
  • Ink tests
  • Materialtests
  • Continuous operation tests
  • Nozzle tests
  • Development of cleaning procedures
  • Adhesive properties of a substrate

What PrintProcessLab is used for

Inkjet printing is made up of many different interacting elements. In order to develop a sophisticated printing process, it is important to test how these affect each other in practice. PrintProcessLab is a comprehensive, stand-alone laboratory system that simulates printing on an industrial printing press in the smallest possible space. This makes PrintProcessLab the perfect tool for developing your own individual printing process under realistic conditions. From matching the ink formulation to a specific print substrate or printhead, to the preparation of reference prints or carrying out a long-term test, PrintProcess Lab has numerous potential uses, helping you to simplify and accelerate the development process.

How does PrintProcessLab work?

In PrintProcessLab, the printheads are installed in Inkjet-Cassettes. Each inkjet cartridge supplies and controls one printhead. This creates a miniature version of a full printer, which in addition to a printhead also has access to the full ink supply through a controller.

    There are two different types of Inkjet-Cassettes to cater for the various printhead manufacturers:
  • Inkjet-Cassette 100 for printing with Kyocera printheads
  • Inkjet-Cassette 50 for printing with Ricoh printheads

The PrintProcessLab printhead plate ensures that the Inkjet-Cassettes are aligned precisely to 5 µm. Thanks to its ability to accept various installation frames, PrintProcessLab can be combined with different Inkjet-Cassette types.

The printhead plate, including the Inkjet-Cassettes, can be moved along the z-axis by means of a handcrank. This allows an infinitely variable print distance to be set. The current value is shown on a display and may be set to a maximum of 250 mm.

    There are different material tables for different applications:
  • Adhesive Surface to secure materials and manual material transport,
  • Endless Surface zur to simulate continuous operation of an industrial printing press

PrintProcessLab has pickup rollers for both material tables. These can be swapped depending on which application you plan to use PrintProcessLab for.

PrintProcessLab is operated through the LabOS software. This may be opened in your browser through a network connection. This enables you to access the PrintProcessLab controls and to adjust settings, activate cleaning and print jobs or load new print jobs, for example.

  • Inkjet-Cassette: Includes controller, the ink supply and a printhead
  • Printhead plate: Alignment of the printheads
  • Handcrank: For infinitely variable print distance
  • Material tables: Here Adhesive Surface to secure materials and manual material transport

Inkjet-Cassette 100

An Inkjet-Cassette 100 contains a controller, the ink supply and a Kyocera printhead. It is particularly suitable for printing at high resolutions and meets the highest quality standards. Due to the large print width, it offers high productivity at rapid printing speeds.


  • Print width 100 mm
  • Print quality
  • Print speed
  • Productivity


  • Print width100 mm
  • Resolution600 dpi
  • Grey scales 3
  • Speed 50–75 m/min
  • Nozzles per line 1
  • Droplet size 5–18 pl
  • Print distance 1–5 mm

Inkjet-Cassette 50

An Inkjet-Cassette 50 contains a controller, the ink supply and a Ricoh printhead. It is particularly suitable for printing with inks and substrates containing high concentrations of chemicals, and is not sensitive to harsh atmospheric conditions.


  • Chemical-resistant
  • Suitable for harsh environments


  • Print width 50 mm
  • Resolution 600 dpi
  • Grey scales 1–3
  • Speed 50–75 m/min
  • Nozzles per line 1
  • Droplet size 7–20 pl
  • Print distance 1–9 mm

Purge, Home und Cleaning Station

The Purge, Home and Cleaning stations may be manually positioned beneath the individual PrintProcessLab Inkjet-Cassettes by means of a click-in mechanism. The Purge station allows an Inkjet-Cassette to be flushed. It provides a reservoir of sufficient volume to hold a large quantity of fluid. The Home station covers the printhead: if the PrintProcessLab is not being used for printing for a longer period of time, then - depending on the type of ink used - a home station should be fitted beneath the printheads. The cleaning station cleans the printhead. A manually-operated wiper removes ink residue from the head and gathers it in a container.


  • Easy to position, thanks to the click-in mechanism
  • Protects ink from drying out
  • Easy cleaning of printheads


  • Conveniently cleans the Inkjet-Cassette
  • Protects the printheads
  • Simulates the cleaning process in the final printing press

Adhesive Surface

Adhesive Surface enables materials to be fixed in place quickly and easily with the aid of an adhesive mat. These may be up to 250 mm thick. The maximum size is 210 mm x 297 mm. Due to the universal mounting option, both two-dimensional and three-dimensional materials may be mounted on the Adhesive Surface and then printed on. As a result, a range of different material samples can be used in the development of the process. Print and nozzle tests can be carried out easily, different print distances tested and the effect and durability of inks on the desired substrate assessed. The material is fed manually. Adhesive Surface is simply fed under the PrintProcessLab, and the material mounted is printed on.


  • Mount material by simply laying it out
  • Material thickness of up to 200 mm


  • Mount two and three-dimensional materials
  • Mount material samples
  • Reference printing
  • Nozzle tests

Endless Surface

Endless Surface allows a process to be tested without using consumable materials for the print substrate. It is therefore particularly suited to trying out a process in continuous operation. The material to be printed on is replaced by a special belt; this can even simulate a heated print substrate. The ink used to print is automatically wiped off on the underside of the belt on each rotation and collected in a container. The conveying speed is a maximum of 2.4 m/s and is infinitely variable by means of a potentiometer. With Endless Surface, you can determine temperature development on the printhead, calculate the print distance and the print speed and gather realistic data on airflow under the printheads. Endless Surface can be swapped with Adhesive Surface at any time in order to carry out nozzle tests.


  • No consumable materials required for the print substrate
  • Self-cleaning
  • Enables long-term tests
  • Suitable for water-based and UV-cured inks
  • Print speed of up to 2.4 m/s
  • Belt width of 150 mm


  • Calculate data in continuous operation, for example temperature development, optimum print speed
  • Continuous testing without using consumable materials
  • Nozzletests
  • By changing from EndlessSurface for the simulation of long-term operation and AdhesiveSurface to carry out nozzle tests, the process can be subjected to long-term testing

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